Secrets of instagram likes tags

12 Aug

Secrets of instagram likes tags

Secret number 1

It is necessary to collect and sort in Excel at least 60 hashtags, and it is better that they were more than 100, then you can choose the most suitable, ie. the most thematic, as well as choose such an array of hashtags that will contain tags similar in popularity. This will give a chance to get a picture in TOP on several hashes and get additional Like / Follow. In the article “How to select a hashtag for Instagram”, I described in detail what the hashtag’s lifetime is and how it should be used.

Publish a photo in an instagram

The photo is there, the tags are collected, you can start publishing the photo itself in Instagram. We copy from the tablet Excel the first 30 most popular hashtag and place our photo (meaning hashtags, the popularity of which is estimated in hundreds and tens of millions). Once this is done, we follow the activity in the event stream. Usually the most popular hashtags is an instant reaction and people are beginning to like your photo – this is the first wave, it’s important not to yawn! The first wave gives the fastest and most fleeting portion of the likes to a fresh photograph. For the first 2 minutes you can get from 20 to 100 likes, then this activity goes on a decline and after 4-5 minutes it stops at all.

Secret number 2

Users of the first wave – the most loyal of all users who are licking your photos. As practice has shown, they very willingly go on the foul infusion. In other words, it is necessary to track each and every individual by the tape of events during these 2-3 minutes to put 1-2 likes and zafollovit. The reciprocity response sometimes reaches 60-70%!

We will describe the description of the photo in the Instagram

As soon as the first wave of the wave goes down, it happens after 2-3 minutes after the publication of the photo, immediately it is necessary to delete the first 30 hashtags from the description under the photograph and publish the second 30 hashtags in the comments under the photo, not in the description, namely in the comments under your own photo.

Editing the description of the photo in the instagram

And then a third of the 30 hashtags must be inserted into the description under the photo, editing the publication for the second time. As soon as you finish the editing, immediately the second wave of likes will go, not like the first, more measured and calm, a little less loyal, but still. Here you can not hurry and choose who to likes and follow, and whom to skip and do not waste time in vain. Users of the second wave are more finicky and selective, they can reciprocate with your likes, but the follow-up follow will not make everyone out of them.

Secret number 3

With the second wave of users there is one psychological feature, if you choose those who do not have a lot of friends, and they themselves are trying to make friends with many, then such users are more likely to go into mutual contact than those who have more friends. It is also important to take into account the very number of friends, with their growth the probability of mutual falling falls falls. The best Method is when the friends have the user from 200 to 2000.

We go to the TOP instagram

So, you worked the first wave of 30 hashtags at the point of the chart “A”, collected a part of the likes that will be useful for outputting the best photos in TOP, and got 60 hashtags at the points of the graph “B” and “C” TOP in the presence of 100 to 800 likes.

Now we get the remnants of the second wave, we build parallel mutual friendship with new users and check the TOP on the weakest hashtags of point “C” – these are the last 5-7 hashes from the third party. In 20-30 minutes from the date of publication of the photo and a set of 150-200 likes, the photo should already be in the TOP of the best for the weakest hashtags.

Secret number 4

If you can not get the right amount of likes to hit the TOP of the best photos, even for the weakest hashtags, then include the “Insta Kotiki” plan and go pumping at the expense of the most mi-mi-mischievous audience. We go into the zone of the cat’s photo and on the tactic “Secret No. 3” we begin to keep on flicking all the fresh photos of the kitten. They will get you the missing likeeasily in 15-20 minutes, but do not forget that the photos should be fresh, old photos do not have any sense of keeping up, the author may not be online, and also do not forget about Secret # 3, among Cats, too, there are ghosts!

Secret number 5

And if seriously, then do not try to seek support and reciprocity among users in those categories and subjects, where they claim the TOP, people are envious everywhere. If your photo is objectively qualitative, then you can type the missing for top-end likes the quickest in the neighboring subjects, as you do not compete with them, but help each other.

After a short effort, the photo still falls into the TOP and then the third, most sluggish, but also the longest wave begins, which can last from several hours to several days, everything depends on the users’ interest in photography and how much the photo looks attractive against the background of others. Let me remind you that my photo was the most usual and she made the way, too, the most usual way to promote a photo and an account in instagrams, sagging in the TOP for a little less than 24 hours, which is actually not surprising if you compare my photo with the photos of competitors, it obviously lost to them.

The result

As a result, the photo gathered a little less than 400 likes, hung in the TOP of the best photos for 12 hashtags for less than 24 hours, during the same time, about 70 new followers were added and one transition to the site was made.