Instagram likes hashtags

12 Aug

Instagram likes hashtags

If you search the search in the search for “how to unleash the instagram”, “promotion instagram”, then you will find 100500 ways to honestly weaning your money, as well as banal type – you need to learn to photograph for instagram as well as National Geographic photographers, well, or to start to become celebrity, so that your photos began to like thousands, hundreds of thousands of fans.

If you are already famous, you have dozens of awards for the best pictures in your portfolio, then you do not need this article, and with all the others I can share the instruction how to promote your personal page in the instagram yourself and most importantly for free! Go.

How to untwist the instagram?

A brief guide to the independent and free promotion of instagram.

  1. Secret # 1 – we collect and sort the correct hashtags;
  2. Secret # 2 – interact with loyal users;
  3. Secret # 3 – we estimate the parameters of the account before the folding;
  4. Secret # 4 – include tactics “seals / dogs in instagram”;
  5. Secret # 5 – actively contact and follovlimsya in related subjects.

Let’s start with the photo itself

We take the most ordinary photo, not a super colorful picture with bright representatives of the flora and fauna of exotic countries, but the most ordinary photograph of the most ordinary London gull shot in a dull gray London near the “Red October”, and not on the beach sunny resorts. Usual this photo in all senses, except the color palette, which it can highlight against the background of the remaining photos in the instagram.

We define the subject for this photo, as described in my article “How to select a hashtag for Instagram”. The subjects of this photo include birds (bird, oiseaux, vögel, ), color (color, couleur, farbe, ー) and nature (nature ). I used languages: English, French, German and Japanese. Thus, including English and foreign phrases, it was possible to collect 14 basic hashtags for this photo in three selected topics. If you want, you can expand the number of topics and languages.

We compose a list of hashtags for publication

Next, we find in the list of Services for instagram a link to the most useful service for promotion in the “Websta” instabs and we begin selecting hashtags with their population in mind – these are numerical values that show the number of photos published with this hashtag in the instagram at the moment. Heshteg, not related to our topics, we exclude, on the screen this is the tag “#colorado”, which we most likely will not do.

We collect all the hashtags in Excel, mark each category hashtag with a separate color for sorting, generate links to the output in the pictures’ instagram to visually assess the correctness of the selected hashtag, so that there is no garbage, spam or porn and sort by the rightmost column – the popularity of hashtags for all three categories so that they all lined up in descending order, the most popular at the top, and not popular at the bottom. Try not to use hashtags with a popularity of more than 1-3 million, instagram has toughened its algorithms and now the chip with hashes of 1 million does not work.