Instagram likes algorithm

12 Aug

Instagram likes algorithm

How to untwist the Instagram yourself – step by step instruction for beginners

First of all, “Insta” is a friendly community, i.e. a community of people who exchange impressions, experiences, observations and useful information among themselves.

Here, competitions are held, rallies are organized, likesand voices are collected. A citizen of any country or group of people can create a page and use it for any purpose – within the law and ethics.

About how to create a profile and what is the interface, I will not write – in this you will understand yourself. The topic of the publication is promotion and monetization of the account, cheating subscribers into Instagrams, keeping followers on their page.

Most participants try to use their pages for their intended purpose – they add pictures of life there, share observations and adequate content. In comparison with VKontakte and Facebook there are less useless garbage, content is more lively, and people are more open.

Act consistently, and success is assured!

Step 1. Create and create a profile in the Instagram

Your photo (avatar) or an image of a profile product is the first thing that a potential follower will see. Still here there will be a short text – personal data, the description of the company or the goods.

For many, the design and the first impression of the profile is a decisive factor. Looking at the image, people decide whether to subscribe to them or not. If you take a profile photo carelessly, frighten the consumer audience.

If you promote your brand in all social networks – and one Instagram for a successful PR campaign will clearly not be enough – it’s better that the main picture is the same everywhere. This creates a recognizable image and works in your favor.

The description should be concise, but informative. Specify your location, type of activity, subject and link to the main site, if any. This is the only place in Instagram where you can put an active link.

We need a call to action – not a vague “if you want to see more, then …”, and a specific one – “click here, see a lot of interesting things” or something like that.

Step 2. Prepare the content plan

Since in our case the goal of creating an account is commercial activity, we need to think ahead of the content plan – what, when and in what volume we will publish.

The posts should contain high-quality images, a short accompanying text and several thematic hashtags – important keywords that will make it easier for users to find the right pages.

Do not overload your page with obtrusive advertising – combine promotion with useful information for followers.

Think in advance:

  • what consumer needs you are going to meet;
  • which audience you are targeting;
  • how best to arrange or present goods and services;
  • what else, besides the object of sales, you can give to the visitor.

Even the owners of business accounts are not prohibited from periodically creating personal posts, sharing their observations, knowledge, impressions. But do not be too far from the subject and keep your unique style.

Step 3: Post new content

If you promote yourself – you want to attract the audience first, dial the followers, and after earning your image, personal photos will be the main content. If you are promoting your business, stick to the pre-selected style. The optimal frequency of posts is 1-2 per day.

Use filters and do not be afraid to create – the more creative pictures, the more subscribers.
Place only high-quality images – passing photos are not interesting to anyone.

  • Make a small story from each photo.
  • Periodically place the videos – but not too long, not more than 5 minutes.
  • Sign your photos – where, when and why you shot it.
  • Use hashtags – then your photos will be easier to find.

An attractive visual series prompts the study of text filling. The more interesting the photo and video content, the more comments, subscribers, transitions to the base site and calls of customers.

Step 4: Attracting subscribers

The first subscribers will be your friends, acquaintances, and sometimes even unfamiliar people who came to your page accidentally. If you synchronize your profile with other social networks, the audience will be typed quickly.

Further promotion depends on your activity and creativity. The more time you spend on the promotion of the page, the more you will achieve. If there is no time, but there are free funds, use paid ways to promote your account. About them – in the following sections.

Step 5. We analyze the attendance of the page and make changes to the strategy

Performance analysis is the study of audience coverage (how many subscribers), involvement (likes, comments), the number of clicks (how many people clicked on the link).

If the indicators do not suit you, it’s time to make changes in the strategy – slightly adjust the topic of posts, make the page more “hooligan” or, conversely, academic.

How to attract new subscribers – useful tips and recommendations

Free ways to promote the Instagram require free time. But it is also necessary to dispose of it wisely.

If you follow useful advice, things will go faster.