How to get real likes on instagram

12 Aug

How to get real likes on instagram

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No matter how steep the photos in your profile, without purposeful promotion they will not get many likes, and you – new subscribers. Success in Instagram depends on constant activity, interaction with the audience, as well as the correctness of publications. Here are the main tips that will help create a subscriber base and constantly expand it.

1. Choose the optimal time for publication

Spread a photo when you have to – a big mistake. For the success of development, the regularity of publications and the right timing are important. Experiment by determining the optimal number of posts and the time of their exit. Usually this is one or two publications a day, separated by time. For example, in the middle of the day and closer to the evening.

If you only post photos a few times a week, then you should choose the most successful days. As a rule, it’s Sunday and Wednesday. At the end of the weekend, you have the least number of publications in Instagram, which means that your posts will not get lost in the general flow. The environment is good as the middle of the week, when it is appropriate to remind ourselves about subscribers.

2. Use the hashtag

Hashtags is the main instrument of promotion in Instagram, but its importance is underestimated by many. By adding popular hashtags to publications, you automatically attract the interested audience. It is through the hashtags that potential subscribers will find you.

Accompany each photo with hashtags corresponding to its themes. In a global search, you can find popular tags and select the most used ones.

On the one hand, the more hashtag will be for the post, the better. On the other – they should not be abused. The abundance of tags irritates subscribers and can even lead to a ban account. The optimal number is up to ten marks. It is better to use different hashtags for different photos and not to be repeated.

3. Subscribe to like-minded people

Subscriptions are another effective way to expand the base of your followers. Most people view the profiles of their new subscribers and, if they see people with similar interests, they usually subscribe to them in return.

Our task is to find like-minded people among other Instagram users and subscribe to them. You can narrow your search by using hashtags or geo-tags.

It is important to choose people with the most similar interests, then the chance of mutual subscription increases. At the same time, you need to look at the number of subscribers to the account. It should be approximately equal to yours, since people with tens of thousands of followers are unlikely to subscribe to it.

4. Lay down and comment on your subscribers

Like subscriptions they work like likes and comments. All users love when their photos are rated by others, and often come to see who put the likes. Having seen an interesting profile, they may want to subscribe to it, so when subscribing to new users it’s important to show the likes to the last posts.

Comments can and should be used as an addition to the likes, because this is the same kind of activity that sometimes can bring even more benefit. For example, you can steadily receive new subscribers, leaving interesting comments to the posts of celebrities and accounts with a large number of followers. Likes will go unnoticed and just get lost in the general mass, and other users will see the comment.

5. Maintain feedback from the audience

In addition, do not forget about the interaction with your audience. Signatures to photos and responses to comments – an effective way to establish contact with the audience and attract a new one.

In addition to hashtag, add interesting captions to your publications. Ask people’s opinions and engage them in a discussion. You can ask to put like, comment on the picture and just wish a good day so that you are answered the same in the comments to the publication.

6. Comment on the posts of opinion leaders

There is another way to use comments to attract the audience. To do this, you need to leave them under the publications of popular users or brands that have a similar theme to you. Find 10-20 such accounts and, when time appears, comment on their last posts.

The bottom line is that your comment will see a large number of people from among the subscribers of competitors. The main thing is to leave the comment not immediately, but a little later, so that it is on top. And, of course, you need to write something useful, interesting or funny to attract the attention of potential subscribers and get them to open your profile.

7. Create “Stories”

The feature of stories, which became the reason for numerous jokes, is also an effective way of promotion. Instagram shows users the history of not only those people on whom they are subscribed. The “Search” tab displays the stories of other potentially interesting accounts with content that collects a large number of likes.
Getting there is quite difficult. You need to create quality stories, beating up current topics or using other Method s that will interest people and cause emotions. If you manage to do this, then thousands of new subscribers are guaranteed to you.

8. Repeat videos

Videos have much more involvement than photos. They have more chances to become viral. New Instagram algorithms automatically select for the “Search” tab posts with a high level of involvement, which are hushed and commented in the first few minutes.

Great, if you can create cool videos yourself, but if not – it’s not so scary. You can simply take popular videos on the subject of your account and make their reposts. If everything turns out, they will fall into recommendations to your potential audience, you will get new subscribers.

9. Use Instaplus

If everything described above is too complex for you and you want to get results easier and faster, you can automate the process. This is exactly what Instaplus is for. It is the most popular promotion service in Instagram and allows you to unwind your account by receiving a stream of new subscribers in a few hours.