How to get more likes on instagram?

12 Aug

How to get more likes on instagram?

How to get more likes – useful tips and lifestyle from professionals

Regardless of the goals that you pursue, increasing the popularity of your account, you can optimize the speeding up, speeding up, making more efficient.

Here are some universal tips that will help all users – and those that promote the resource in order to achieve popularity and fame in the virtual (or real) space, and those who are engaged in serious business.

Tip 1. Place high-quality photos

Quality – this means, attractive appearance, meaningful, processed by special filters and applications.

Interesting content ruled by the ball in Instagram. Even if you are a well-known person, but at the same time post sad pictures without any chips and meaning, this directly affects the number of real followers and instagram views:
Do not use images from the Internet: posts in Insta require only original photos and videos.

Tip 2. Properly format the hashtag

Hashtags is a useful and useful thing for other instagramers to easily find you. Tags will attract to your account a target audience interested in certain topics. But do not use too popular hashtags, otherwise your publication will get lost among hundreds of others.

Business account holders should use their own original hashtags containing the name of your brand or product that you distribute along with popular themed labels. And make sure your images match the tag as closely as possible.

Advice 3. Prepare good descriptions for publications

Publications without laconic, clear and understandable descriptions look lonely.

If you promote certain products, it’s worth talking about their advantages and application. If this is a personal photo of your life, the description encourages other users to leave a comment, join the conversation, see other photos from your profile.

Tip 4. Answer the questions in the comments

Responding to questions asked by users is not only a sign of a good tone, but an invitation to a further discussion.

The higher the activity of the account holder, the more trust it is from subscribers. And if you ignore the messages of followers, likes and new subscribers do not wait.

Tip 5. Point to your location

Indication of the place where the picture was taken is a great way to attract potential customers-countrymen. This is especially useful if you are doing business not only through the Internet, but also offline – for example, you have a cafe, a workshop, a car showroom, a hairdresser.

Many users look through the “photo card” to find like-minded people and friends in their city or in interesting locations.

Use the geolocation function simply – by sending a snapshot to your blog, select a location from the drop-down list.

Once again I’ll list the factors for effective promotion of the account:

  • Quality photos – own, but not taken from the network;
  • laconic, interesting or provocative description;
  • correct hashtags;
  • activity – add new images daily, respond to comments and comment;
  • geolocation markers.

For a commercial account, and for a regular account, the synchronization of the profile in the Instagram with the pages in other social networks is important. Instagram easily integrates with Facebook – use this option to attract users from other social networks.


Wrapping the likes of Instagram is an effective way to attract new followers and increase the popularity of your account. The cheating can be natural, artificial, automatic and manual. If you want to quickly get many likes, use professional resources.