How to get 100 likes on instagram fast

12 Aug

How to get 100 likes on instagram fast

How to wind the likes in Instagram – 5 proven ways

The number of people who like your photos and videos directly affects the promotion of your account. A large number of likes give you a chance to get into the TOP of the best publications and be in everyone’s sight. That will inevitably lead to an increase in the number of followers.

Instagram is famous for the loyalty of users to advertised brands. The participants of this social network pass through advertising links on average 2.5 times more often than on other resources. You need to use the trust of the audience while it’s there.

Tip: use themed hashtags to find your target audience if the purpose of the cheating is commerce.
Always answer questions from users, especially if you are promoting a commercial project, and potential customers will become real.

How to competently wind the likes on Instagram?

Method 1. Use a wrap-up of likes

There are tens of such exchanges in the network, if not hundreds. Here they buy and sell hounds, and earn points for performing simple tasks. These points are also exchanged for husks and subscribers. Or even for real money.

Getting husks and subscribers through exchanges is easy, but it takes time to do this. Either finance. If they are, buy the points or internal coins of the exchange at the current exchange rate through an electronic purse or bank card, and spend it on the purchase of likes and followers.

Method 2: Order an ad

A good way to increase the popularity of your account is to order advertising. There are two types of advertising in the Institutionalized and through the accounts of the advertised bloggers.

The first Method is cheaper – in this way the Internet shops, freelancers and all other users realizing themselves in the network promote themselves. The second way is an order of magnitude more expensive, but more effective. If the installer has hundreds of thousands of subscribers, most of them will see your advertising post, and some will be interested in them.

Method 3: Comment on subscriber photos

Time-consuming, but honest and effective way to increase popularity. Comment on others, like the pictures, subscribe to those who like, participate in discussions, competitions, and you are sure to be interested.

Of course, if you pre-work on filling your page with quality content, and you have what to spin.

Method 4: Use the promotion services

You can cheat and accelerate the process of promotion on the virtual career ladder – use specialized services. These services on your behalf will automatically put the likes, comment, subscribe to bloggers – in general, promote your page in all possible ways.

Method 5: Communicate with subscribers

Instagram is, first of all, a friendly community, where people communicate, entertain each other with interesting posts, make friends. The more you communicate with subscribers, the higher the interest in your account.