Get instagram likes online free

12 Aug

Get instagram likes online free

If you promote a clothing store, choose as a partner for mutual PR shops shoes, accessories, watches. They will bring their audience to your site, and the number of subscribers will multiply.

Tip 1. Specify the hashtag

Hashtags are a useful thing: they help users find interesting publications. Tags will attract to your page the target audience and new subscribers. But do not use popular and popular keys – otherwise your posts will get lost in hundreds of others.

General rules:

  • create your own label – it will increase the recognition of your brand;
  • Do not make too long labels: 3 words in the hashtag – maximum;
  • Separate items in hashtags with underscore;
  • place tags not only in the explanatory text, but also in the comments.

The application remembers all the labels with the grid, which you entered earlier – as soon as you enter the first letters, you will get a list of words that you can use. The maximum number of tags to one photo or video is 30.

Tip 2. Comment on other people’s photos and subscribe to them

Comment on others – comment on you. Do not be afraid to leave your messages under the posts of promoted users and famous people. If you write interesting and in fact it will even increase your popularity.

Usually, those you subscribe to will subscribe to you. Their followers become available to your followers, which leads to an increase in the audience.

Tip 3. Put your likes

To put a kid is a matter of seconds, and the benefits are unquestionable. People often look at the profiles of those who rated their publication, and reciprocate. And they “like” and subscribe to you. Your activity is your weapon.

On the checking of likes in Instagram on the site there is a detailed publication.

Tip 4: Use Geolocation

Geolocation is a special Method in the “Insta”, marking the place where a particular photo was taken.

Click the “Add place” button and enter the data. Tags geolocation – another way to attract the target audience. On them you find fellow countrymen and potential buyers.

Tip 5. Make a Mutual Relationship

Share advertising posts with accounts that are similar to yours. If these are business profiles, see that among similar profiles there are no direct competitors. But accounts with related subjects will not harm you.