Auto likes on instagram

12 Aug

Auto likes on instagram

Why do you need to audit the account’s instagrams, what will you get after the audit of your personal instagram page or commercial profile? The market is full of different suggestions for cheating instagram, to increase subscribers and other services ready to take money from you especially without caring about – but do you need it? In the article Why Business Instagram? I already said that for business, the number of your subscribers and likes does not play a special role, if you do not have a strategy for developing your instagram account and do not understand the needs of the target audience, then all your efforts will be zero!

Therefore, one of the recommendations for all users of instagram, both for commercial accounts and for personal ones, if you want to develop your page in this social network, rather than winding likes and followers, you will most likely need to audit the instagram profile, evaluate the quality of published photos, checking the relevance of the hashtag used by you, as well as evaluating the advisability of developing the page and investing in it advertising budgets.

Few likes and comments?

Has the visibility of your photo / video dropped, and the already bad ER (Engagement Rate) has decreased? Look at the tabular data given below, you know what they’re talking about? They say that during the audit of one of the accounts with 2,247 subscribers, 537 users were identified, who never once in any six months delivered a single look of 128 photos! Those. 23% of the dead souls that hang on the ballast and are an indirect signal for the Instagram algorithm to ensure that your publications are understated in the tape and they were seen by fewer people, your real, live subscribers.

Were catching up to subscribers, ordered promotion from the promoters for 3000 rubles, and the likes and comments decreased almost to zero? this is the very case! It’s time to do an audit!
The main advantage of our audits is that you receive both a written step-by-step instruction for the development of your profile and a personal consultation on your instagram that will improve the situation from the first day after receiving the audit.

  • * Light tariff for the account: assessment of the current state, identification of major errors and recommendations in connection with the expectations of the audience, plus a selection of 100 themed hashtags, a Skype consultation in webinar mode – 15 minutes in response to questions within the audit.
  • * Mini tariff for the account: assessment of the current status, identification of typical errors, identification of the interests of the target audience, selection of 200 most effective hashtags and answers to questions concerning the promotion of your profile, consultation on Skype in webinar mode – 1 hour (automation automation issues are not included) .
  • * Prof Tar for the account: identification of bad subscribers, recommendations for eliminating this problem, assessing the current state, identifying key mistakes, determining the range of interests of the target audience, selecting the 500 most effective hashtags, compiling a content plan and answering questions concerning the promotion of the profile via Skype within 3 hours (questions of automation of promotion are not included), web analytics of your site and recommendations for page promotion taking into account the users’ conversions to the site.
  • * VIP rate for the business account: identification of bad subscribers and help in setting up automation to eliminate this problem, assessing the current state, identifying key mistakes, determining the circle of interests of the target audience, selecting the 700 most effective hashtags, answering questions concerning the promotion of the profile via Skype in the course of 5 hours with questions on the automation of the promotion of the profile, web analytics of your site and recommendations for the promotion of the profile, taking into account the users’ conversions to the site, detailed instructions how to automate the percentage Eds of getting traffic to your site.

Selecting hashtags for publications

How to properly select a hashtag for publications in Instagram, I already wrote, but almost 90% of all erroneous page development strategies account for exactly the wrong hashtags. Do you want to receive more likes and subscribers? Order a paid service for selecting hashtag.

You will receive an Excel file for this money as in the article about hashtag collection, in this file you can sort the lists by popularity and by groups, everything will depend on the type of publication and tasks.

Unsubscription from non-reciprocal follow-up instagram Instagram

Free services for finding and removing non-reciprocal subscribers of instagram is very small, those services that previously offered this service, either became paid, or were completely closed, how to be? For today you have two variants, or you order an answer that will allow you to find out the reciprocity of the subscription in the instagram or to search and delete them yourself through the automation systems, I do not consider web services, because they can lead to either the ban of your page, or to steal your profile. Do not be naive, as soon as you untwist your profile to a certain level, it becomes a tasty morsel for scammers and they will stop at nothing to steal and resell it.

Ordering the service you will receive a file with a list of all non-recipients of your profile and can manually delete all of them on your phone, or you can order the VIP Audit service for a commercial profile (see above) and do it yourself automatically. Also, you still have the Method to install IstaFlow on your phone and delete non-recipients using it.

Photo promotion in Instagram TOP

Promotion of photos in the TOP of the best Instagram and the response of the audience to these photos – the service is already monthly and is at the chosen rate. The quality and effectiveness of this service depends on three important factors: collecting and filtering the correct hashtag, preparing photos for publication in Instagram and the proper strategy for the promotion of Instagram. All this you can do yourself or order a paid service. Tariffs for the output service in the TOP are topical for hashtags, the popularity of which does not exceed one million, for more competitive hashtags, the terms of withdrawal in the TOP are negotiated separately.

Your photos will be published by yourself on the list of hashtag that will be sent to you, guarantees of being in the TOP of the best photos will be close to 100% for 30 hashtags if you do everything correctly and by instruction, then it will depend on you. The service can be used only if you publish photos on the list of my hashtag, which will be selected specifically for your tasks. Order hashtags can be lower.

Promotion price Instagram

If you want our specialists to promote your Instagram profile, then the price of this service starts from 25,000 rubles / month and each case is discussed individually. This service includes preparing a content plan, preparing photos for publication, collecting and filtering hashtags, publishing photos, promoting photos in the TOP of the best, etc., but preliminary auditing, collecting thematic hashtags and compiling a plan.

How to order services?

First of all, you need to send me your page in the mail and indicate which service you want to receive, what goals you are facing and what results you want to achieve.

Then it is necessary to make a payment on the account, which will come to your e-mail according to the chosen tariff, only the profile that will be specified in the payment comment and will be considered, no other.